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    Marijuana as a Therapeutic Drug: “God’s Greatest Gift”

    Thursday, May 25th, 2017

    “Why do we have cannabinoid receptors?” That is what Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam, the scientist who first identified and synthesized the THC compound in cannabis, asked more than half century ago. It really is a compelling question, considering these receptors in the brain play an integral role in the lives of patients suffering from cancer and cancer treatments; multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and so much more, when they find relief from marijuana.

    As presented in an article by John Gettman published in the March 1995 issue of High Times magazine, marijuana was added to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Schedule 1, controlled-substances list in 1970, because “scientists feared that, like opiates, it had an extremely high potential for abuse and addiction. But the discovery of THC receptor sites in the brain refutes that thinking, and may force both scientists and the DEA to re-evaluate their positions.”

    John was right in his observation. Go ahead and search Google or any other search engine for “marijuana studies and research” and just look at them all!  Studies are conducted every day, and historically, have been since the 1930’s. Conclusions are formulated thanks to countless hours of research involving marijuana, its components, and their engagement with cannabinoid receptors. These neuro-receptors accept messages in areas of the brain to turn on and off certain bodily responses. These experiments usually involve rats and mice, which have similar endocannabinoid systems, relative to that of humans.

    Gettman’s High Times article more than two decades ago continued, “The discovery of a previously unknown system of cannabinoid neural transmitters is profound. While century-old questions, such as why marijuana is nontoxic, are finally being answered, new, fascinating questions are emerging – as in the case of all great discoveries.”

    Half of the United States (including two territories), have legalized marijuana for recreational and/or medicinal use, primarily due to these scientific discoveries. In as much as legal use of marijuana is not recognized by the DEA or the federal government – yet – scientists at the National Institute of Health and Human Services continue conducting research to study the numerous and specific benefits of this highly-tested and scrutinized plant and its components.

    Gettman continued, “Marijuana is distinguished from most other illicit drugs by the locations of its brain-receptor sites for two predominant reasons: (1) The lack of receptors in the medulla significantly reduces the possibility of accidental, or even deliberate, death from THC; and (2) the lack of receptors in the mesocorticolimbic pathway significantly reduces the risks of addiction and serious physical dependence. As a therapeutic drug, these features are God’s greatest gifts.”

    THC and CBD-related products are used to the benefit of patients in Colorado and other legal states, even though legality differs on the federal level. Laws specifically dictate visitors to legal states not transport contraband across state lines.

    Fear not friends in need! As all the studies and experiments continue to prove and support the benefits of marijuana use for patients suffering from any number of symptoms and conditions, the more likely “illegal” states will jump on the bandwagon, indeed, sooner than later.

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    Source: High Times, March 1995

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