Cannabis Opportunities

Canna Spa and Women’s Wellness Experience

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Over a rejuvenating single or multi-day experience, you’ll learn a little bit about cannabis, hemp, the differences, and how this plant can help get women back to wellness. Join us on this luxury spa adventure through:

  • Hemp Products Spa – Take in the nourishing properties of the hemp plant while receiving spa services like deep tissue massage, hemp scrub facials, and fire-cupping
  • Grow Facility – Get up close and personal with live cannabis/hemp plants
  • Recreational Dispensaries – Talk to expert budtenders while you explore the many brands of the new cannabis and CBD shopping experience (Products legally available for your purchase)
  • Extractions Lab – Distillation, Vape Technology, Terpenes, and the future of cannabis
  • Cooking – Explore cannabis in the kitchen with an easy demonstration on homemade edibles and CBD / THC infusions
  • Rooftop Yoga class – wake and bake
  • Learn about essential oils and their role in topical products
  • Get artsy at one of our events where we puff, pass, and craft our way into some fun activities for relaxation
  • Single Day Packages start at $450 per person: BOOK NOW!
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Traveler Stories

“It’s way beyond 420. Canna Luxury Tours is bridging the gap between stigma and solutions.” - Mia Voss, Luxury Travel Blogger -
“The general lack of information about cannabis and hemp could be costing people money and jeopardizing their health.” - Charlie Stivers, CEO / Managing Member - Aim High Holdings