Cannabis Opportunities

Canna Investor and Business Experience

Enjoy a single or multiple day experiences in Denver, Colorado learning about Cannabis 101 and 201 and Medicinal Cannabis as you tour – All New Tours Coming Soon! Click here to sign up for notifications on upcoming tours and events!

  • Grow Facility – Get up close and personal with live cannabis plants, and learn about how we do cultivation here in Colorado
  • Recreational Dispensaries – Get firsthand experience of retail operations, branding, and see where the market could be headed in other states (Product legally available for your purchase)
  • Extractions Lab – Distillation, Vape Technology, Terpenes, and the future of cannabis
  • Product infusion – See how this plant makes its way into the many sweet treats, baked goods, drinks, and even topicals on the market today
  • Mini Expo Day – Discover profitable companies looking for capital or the right partner, and how to be a part of one of the most exciting business opportunities in history. Contact us about vendor opportunities and à la carte 1-day passes
  • Single Day Packages and Custom Tours AVAILABLE SOON: Stay Tuned for upcoming tour packages. Click HERE to sign up for instant notifications on upcoming tours and events
  • Multi-Day Packages AVAILABLE SOON: Stay Tuned for upcoming tour packages. Click HERE to sign up for instant notifications on upcoming tours and events

* This is a consumption-friendly event, but not the emphasis.

Traveler Stories

“It’s way beyond 420. Canna Luxury Tours is bridging the gap between stigma and solutions.” - Mia Voss, Luxury Travel Blogger -
“The general lack of information about cannabis and hemp could be costing people money and jeopardizing their health.” - Charlie Stivers, CEO / Managing Member - Aim High Holdings
“Canna Luxury Tours brings an elevated experience of canna-tourism. While focusing on professionalism and education, we present the opportunity to encounter the ore elegant, forward-thinking and progressive side of the cannabis industry here in Colorado.” - Mia Jane, Tour Director – CLT