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    Effects of CBD Topicals on Symptoms of MS & More

    Thursday, May 11th, 2017

    There is much more to cannabis than meets the eye. A pun about its effects on glaucoma could easily work here, but instead, it is much more important to highlight some of this popular plant’s medicinal portfolio as it continues to unfold, aside from that of glaucoma.

    Most baby boomers associate cannabis, or marijuana, with Sean Penn and his portrayal of “Spiccoli” in the classic motion picture comedy, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” However, the studies being conducted in the United States and around the world are proving everyday that THC, the psychoactive element that causes the “cool buzz,” along with other cannabinoids (or CBDs), are playing great roles in suppressing symptoms of conditions like epilepsy, Chrohn’s, Lupus and multiple sclerosis [MS].

    The aforementioned clinical studies and trials currently being conducted test the efficacy of CBDs as an anti-seizure medication, along with other potential medical applications. Researchers have found CBDs interact with compatible brain neuron receptors allowing the CBD to demonstrate medicinal properties in the body. CBD is not yet FDA approved, nor does it contain any form of its cousin, THC. However, like THC, CBD is shown to have profound effects with pain management ,as well as when they are administered for other maladies like those listed above.

    In October 2015, Italian researchers used CBD in topical applications in treating patients with MS. Their conclusions supported the use of CBD “specifically to improve or even regain motor skills, including the ability to walk. Researchers stressed that such therapeutic approaches do not necessarily stand alone in the treatment of MS, but rather are powerful adjunct treatments that work best ‘in association with current conventional therapy.’”

    The studies used mice with autoimmune encephalomyelitis, or EAE, which closely resembles MS. This method of testing is a standard for trials involving MS. They found that by using a 1% CBD concentration topical ointment, “at the time of symptomatic disease onset, affected the progression of the EAE in mice.

    The research team discovered that the 1% CBD cream “improved motor skills, including the reversal of back leg paralysis.”

    The reversal of paralysis is highly significant, because it may mean CBD topicals may someday be introduced into the treatment regiments of MS patients, as well as sufferers of fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more!

    These amazing studies help us to learn more about different components of cannabis and their medicinal benefits as a topical application, edibles and oils. Of course the efficacy of using CBD and cannabinoids will require much more research and many more studies and trials, so far, the results are “very favorable.”

    Mobility is a big issue with MS sufferers, because one day they can stand unassisted, and the next day, they cannot stand at all. The conclusion states, “A reversal of leg paralysis equals the gift of walking and thus, life for millions of MS and other patients.”

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    Source: MassRoots

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